Professional Upholstery and Fine Fabrics Cleaning

Fine fabric upholstery clean

 When upholstery cleaning, I don’t just clean and sanitise , I protect it!!


I offer a high standard of professional Upholstery Cleaning Service based in Taunton, Somerset. All of our work is done with a passion for fine fabrics, textiles and processes necessary, to remove contaminants, organic soiling and bring you much loved upholstery back to looking and feeling soft again. You will be AMAZED how bright the colours afterwards .

How will the professional Upholstery cleaner, clean my upholstery?

When you hire our Upholstery Cleaning Service you will get a high standard of Professional service in and around Taunton, Somerset. All our work is done with a passion for fabrics, textiles and treatments necessary to remove contaminants and other soiling.

many fine fabrics are made up  various materials, natural and synthetic fabrics, and not one method suits them all.

when choosing a upholstery cleaning service you need one that will determine the best cleaning methods for YOUR fine fabrics, I Can guarantee the best cleaning method by taking all  procedures into consideration.



We are trained by the NCCA which guarantees you we are trained and insured to carry the work out that we are charging for.


When carrying out any job we will.


  • Full survey of the upholstery requiring cleaning.
  • Fibre content test.
  • Dye bleed test.
  • Movement of furniture.
  • Thorough vacuum.
  • Chemical pre-spray.
  • Agitation of the material being cleaned.
  • Dwell time to allow the cleaning solution to break down soils and stains.
  • Extraction or compound removal
  • Fabric sanitation protection applied
  • Uniform the pile fabrics
  • Air circulation.
  • Replace furniture with protective material on feet.
  • Final inspection by the customer and technician

What method is best for upholstery cleaning? Will all the stains be removed?

when you hire an upholstery cleaning expert you will be informed of the best cleaning method and any limitations when it comes to the cleaning.

The most popular method is hot water extraction, although this it the same method used on most carpets, it is done in a completely different way. Firstly the solutions are different because the soiling is different, body oil, hair grease, hair products and more compact in some cases. The water flow in the hand tool use to extract the soiling is less aggressive and not jetted. If too much water us used there will be saturation to the cushions which will possibly cause odours and re-soiling.

Is that a stain? Or is that wear? Pile fabrics will wear and you will see the weave underneath the pile, giving the appearance of a stain at first glance, all stain are assessed and treated accordingly.



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